Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pokemon Soul Silver Rom English How Can I Get An English ROM For Pokemon Soul Silver On DeSmuME On My MAC?

How can I get an English ROM for pokemon soul silver on DeSmuME on my MAC? - pokemon soul silver rom english

I need the emulator and the rom and the need for a collision in English and please, please, can someone help me to avoid. And do not forget that the Mac is not Windows thank you, Ryan is

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  1. The ROM is not in English ... You can get the patch .. or download an already patched ROM. but it is not 100% English .. U care to understand the dialogues ...
    YouTube Heart of Gold, Silver and English soul U you will find videos, links ..

    ps. If u do I'll wait until they get him completely .. cuz u dont want to play a game so well and does not understand the mission and dialogue again!
    Good luck