Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kidney Cancer Spreading To Lungs My Husband Has Kidney Cancer That Has Spread To The Lungs. What Is The Life Span When Taking The Cancer Pills?

My husband has kidney cancer that has spread to the lungs. What is the life span when taking the cancer pills? - kidney cancer spreading to lungs

Hello Sheila.

I suspect, is the disadvantages of anti-cancer drug Sutent. (Sunitinib)
If so your monkey ocologist impact very closley or resumption of the problems reviewed every 3-4 months to see if you are working in cancer therapy.
Remember that progress is a good result. Recession of the disease is best.
As long as the disease progressed (or not, it is not about side-effects) concerns will continue with the drug.
I met with extending the service life of 2-3 years with this treatment,
Good luck and stay positive.
no other drugs are available when appropriate isn't


  1. I have had kidney cancer, and time spent lately on the web site of cancer. I spoke with people who have made this for twelve or more years and lived very well in these years. I can not really say how long any of us. They just agree with him, as is the case, and we hope to grow. I have read hundreds of stories in recent weeks, and some lived only a few weeks, and others have followed for fifteen years and still have cancer.

    I was disappointed not to assist someone in the group who were healed to be found. I hope that is the reason that people no longer bother with support groups for healing.

  2. Kidney Cancer? It is as it seems, and that's what my father had. They have tried different variations, to heal. We were initially told that only 20% for 2 years. My father was 4 years. Remember that everything can happen. Life changes and developments in medicine and everything can happen in a split second. To have hope to keep it real and try to get as much valuable time is much shorter as possible. I wish I could say more.

    WebMD is a very useful site.

  3. Im not sure, but hopes that his Forever xxx: (sorry