Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tape Worm How Long Do They Stay Vet Med's Don't Work?? Help Please!?

Vet med's don't work?? help please!? - tape worm how long do they stay

Well, my two little show, a sign of worms, thin, so they eat and then fly like a blowfish. The worms do not get in the chair, nothing to treat the worms. No vomiting, nausea and cough. And a terrible experience with a few hooks year we have rabbit hunting dogs, that one is collected from them, and there were 11 puppies and all dogs treated with Wormer and we have done to check and ensure that they are in perfect health! But when the pups were born healthy, until a few weeks, then became very ill and they kill all of hookworm infestation and eventually tried to take the worms, but could not no matter what we did or tried, and it ended die of blood loss and veterans have told us that when the gums to the white or light blue coat when she jammed for a stay of longer meant 3 seconds, they had to hook and must be treated immediately. But they did nothing about these characters. and was almost the only case of worms, except that he had a dog, about gettingI tapeworms and it was 4 -5 years ago. In any case, the vet gave me medication for roundworms and hookworms and thoughts in the shit? But the kids are not worms in the stool and worms seem to know what. I grew up with dogs all my life just a case of worms, here and there. In any case, I have the witch Nemix Wormer for puppies and anybetter not after a little worse than before! I can only give Wormer every 3 weeks. Medicines should not kill in the first round of work and the other to eggs. Or should I veterans back again and let them know that they do not help.

Note: once visited a week ago. The puppies are 11 weeks.

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